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Pension Planning for Sports professionals

There is, typically, only a short window in the professional careers of sportsmen or women for making future financial provision. Given the unique and unrivalled contribution, investment and benefit flexibility of pension schemes – plus their beneficial tax treatment – it is vital that full advantage is taken of the pension planning opportunities within this window.

Advice to Sporting Professionals

We provide specific, tailored individual advice to our sports clients, their managers, agents and other advisors (or unions) on a wide range of related areas including:

  • Pensions and actuarial advice on existing pension entitlements and recommending how these could be adapted to meet the individual’s needs and ambitions.
  • Optimising pension and benefit arrangements when negotiating new contracts
  • Providing optimum pension structures for both active and retired sports professionals - including SSASs and SIPPs
  • Advice on offshore pension structures and schemes on a move abroad, during a career or thereafter. We advise our clients on the suitability of international schemes – including QROPS and QNUPS - depending on the individual’s needs.
  • Advice to sports professionals on how pensions should be utilised and dealt with in the event of divorce.
  • Investment advice and consultancy, manager selection and assessment of risk profiles.

Advice to Clubs and Professional Bodies

We work with clubs, sporting organisations and professional sporting bodies advising on optimum pension and contribution structures both for directors and senior management as well as sports professionals and other employees.

Agents, accountants, lawyers and other professional advisers

We work closely not only with our clients but also with their professional advisors including leading agents, accountants, lawyers and investment managers in order to ensure that our advice dovetails with all aspects of financial and wealth planning.

Our Experience

Our firm has been established for over 35 years, during which time we have provided “state of the art”, expert advice on the complete spectrum of pensions, actuarial, investment and related advice to an exceptionally diverse clientele. Our clients include entrepreneurs, professionals, senior executives of quoted and other companies, politicians – as well as individual artists, writers, musicians, sports personalities and other entertainers.

Our partners and other colleagues, currently lecture regularly on UK and international aspects of pension planning to wide ranging professional and other audiences in the UK and many territories abroad.

Our offices are situated in London and Monaco.

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