If capital is put aside for future needs, then the ultimate outcome will depend on the returns achieved. Performance will depend on assets selected and the effects of taxation and the attitude to risk of those involved.

In achieving optimal solutions, it is necessary not only to advise on the right structures, but also to select and monitor investments within these structures to meet particular profiles subject to risk tolerance.

Nigel Sloam & Co will assist clients in:

  • Identifying investment timescales
  • Help clients define their own risk appetite
  • Devise asset allocations to meet clients' needs, taxation and timescales
  • Recommend suitable investments for consideration
  • If necessary, introduce appropriate external managers
  • Monitor performance and recommend re-investing in the light to emerging situation
  • The firm will provide bespoke investment consultancy service for trustees of group and individual pension plans as well as individuals, designed to meet clients stated objectives and risk profile.

Our service has three elements:

  • Identifying objectives and risk tolerance
  • Asset allocation
  • Recommending specific investments and/or external advisors

In addition, the firm will give mediation advice on the selection of life insurances.

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