International Pension Plans

Services to Multinational Organisations and to local employers with foreign employees

All of the above may need to incentivise their globally mobile personnel and  retain key individuals by providing a benefits package which includes a retirement savings vehicle.

Some jurisdictions may offer a framework for such retirement savings whilst others may not. Even if such a framework exists, this may not meet either the employer’s or the employee’s objectives, tax considerations and retirement needs.  Further, there is a need to avoid unnecessary complexity or burdensome administration, particularly when allowing for appropriate investments and dealing with benefit payments.

Nigel Sloam & Co and NSS Actuarial Monaco can assist multinational employers and organisations develop flexible global pensions solutions for their personnel,  wherever they may be based, compatible with employees’ retirement intentions.

We provide a full consultancy service for the design, implementation and servicing of such arrangements.  We provide independent bespoke solutions, which are not constrained to any particular jurisdiction, pension provider, trustee and/or fund  manager.

International Pension Plan for individuals

Some individuals may have benefits  from an International Pension Plan, established by a former or current employer, which are no longer appropriate to their requirements.  Others will need to make or top-up their own pension provision in formats which will best match their future retirement needs. Further, those relocating to a different country from where they have lived and worked will need advice as to how they should best adapt or rearrange existing pension provision.

Nigel Sloam & Co and NSS Actuarial Monaco can assist individuals in formulating pension strategies and reviewing existing pension entitlements, where appropriate.  We can help establish, if needed, more suitable new international private pension plans and provide continuing retirement planning advice to reflect emerging requirements.

Again, we are totally independent and not tied to any particular jurisdiction, or pensions or investment provider.  We have many years’ experience in advising individual clients – from a variety of backgrounds and nationalities and including UK and European expats – on optimum pensions solutions, tailored to meet their specific requirements.

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