SIPPs are, in principle, a very flexible pension vehicle available for individuals who need to organise their own pension arrangements.

Future pension contributions as well as and pre-existing pension savings can, where appropriate, all be accumulated together and invested jointly within the same pension vehicle, which should promote maximum efficiency.

SIPPs are not appropriate for everyone - and not all SIPPs offer the same flexibility.

Nigel Sloam & Co provides advisory services for SIPP suitability and selection. In response to a market need, we have created the NSS Solution SIPP for those clients who wish to maximise personal control of their pension investments and who have a distrust of institutional providers and a wish for the greatest possible flexibility in benefit drawing.

A specific feature of the NSS Solution SIPP is that it provides access to expert advisors at Nigel Sloam & Co and offers a very swift decision process where investment suitability is called into question.

What are SIPP pensions?

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